COVID-19 Safe Plan

Dr Altmann sees many frail and immune suppressed patients with head and neck cancer, leukaemia and lymphoma.

These patients are extremely vulnerable to even brief casual exposure to viruses such as Covid, Influenza and Common Cold in our waiting room.

For the safety of all of our patients we humbly request that:

  1. Any patient or attending family member who has tested positive to COVID-19, Influenza, RSV or any other viral upper respiratory tract infections in the past 10 days please phone Deb and reschedule your appointment or request a telehealth appointment from home where feasible. 

  2. Any patient, carer or attending sibling with fever, new cough, new runny nose or cold—like symptoms, or vomiting or diarrhoea, whether tested or not, should phone Dr Altmann's office and reschedule their appointment or request telehealth consultation from home where feasible. We will thank you...

  3. We prefer that additional children who are not the patient on the day be kept away from our waiting room and office where possible to reduce the risk of transmission of Covid 19 to our vulnerable patients.
  4. Please use good hand hygiene and cough etiquette for you and your children where possible.
Many interstate and Brisbane ENT Surgeons are consulting with their patients only by Telehealth but if our Townsville patients follow sensible precautions, we will continue to offer face to face appointments where allowed by Qld Health and our ENT Society.

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